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Qigong Alliance Member Display Form - Iran

Ali Mohammadian  Arsham corp

Contact Information:

Name of Business or Organization:Arsham corp
Address:No.52 Sonbol alley Tarbiat Ave Beasat squ P.O. box:65155-997
Postal (zip) Code:65155 
Home Phone:  8244737   
Work Phone:8244737
Cell Phone:+98-913-226-1711
E-Mail Address:arshamco@yahoo.com   
Web Address:   

General Information:

Area of Experiences: Qigong (Chi Kung)
Tai Chi (Taijiquan)
Qigong Energy-Work Healing
Body Work Therapeutic Massage
Daoist Philosophy and Daoist Teaching in Practical Experience
Level of Experience: Advanced
Personal Practice
Professional Instructor
Qigong Energy-Work Healer
Clinic or Healing Center
Engaged in Research Project's
Biography Of Master Ali Mohammadian

In 1979, master Ali Mohammadian embarked to learn martial arts and began wiht Jodo and Jojitso and achieved a great success and improvement so fast as he could get black sash soon after. Although he was so young, just a few years old, but he has been winning the first place of compititation which held in differnt level of provincial, regional and also national, honorably for six consecutive times.

In 1983, he acquainted with YOGA and began to practice itand has never given up his practice until now. Soon afterward he acqainted with Chinese Martial Arts and immediately he resolved to practiceWushu under supervision of his instructor, grandmaster Deng Den Lee.

He has practiced some different styles of Chinese martial arts such as Chang Quan, Nan Quan, Tai Chi Quan, Shaolin Zoie Khao, Eing Zhao Quan and Chi Kung (QiQong) full time since 1984 which let to some great honors for him.

In 1991, in order to discover himeself (self-realize) and fortify inneral powers, he secluded himself in Alvand historical mount far away from any kind of human society and made himself alone to meditate round-the-clock and when he got a chance to rest he set about to practice martial arts. All his experiences during the solitude have been written down in his dairy which reveals us whatever he experinced.

In 1993, he participated the compitition held in national level and won the first place. On the depending on his great technical sience, as an expert, scholar and an outstanding instructor, he has undertaken and occupied some possition and jobs in field of martial arts and yoga in Iran cotinually since 90`s. in addition, in the way of cultural enhancement he has written hundereds of essaies and four books regarding to Psychic Powers, Chi Kung, Psychology of Success and Hypnosis.

Nowadays, he is a member of wushu planning council of Iran, member of yoga society, chief of Hamedan wushu, cheif of Hamedan yoga society and also founder and manager of ARSHAM Sport Corp.

His method of martial arts is on the bases of energic feilds cognizance and influence of spiritual moods onto human body.His training is solidified on four tenets:

1. Mind concentration.

2. Deeply breathing.

3. Refinement, extent of muscles and joints activity and fortifying heart and vessels.

4. Muscles and nerves.

Also, he has invented a new style of fighting called Sanda Fu Boxing that he believed this new style differs alot with any other styles of fighing in martial arts globe.In order to get more information about Sanda Fu Boxing everyone can email to: arshamco@yahoo.com

In addition to train many instructors, heros and students overall the country, now he tries seriously to make any connecticut and communication which is so important in sience improvement and etc and in accordance with this he wants to stride (pace a great step) in the way of friendship and unification with others overall the world.

Nowadays, as a directing manager he is with ARSHAM Corporation which registerd in Iran. He is ready to take representative form any centers act wherever in the world and give repersentative to any centers in different countrie.

Sincerly yours,

Best Regards

Public relations desk

Reza Cheraghi



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