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mountain gate 

Solala Towler
Mountain Gate

Inspired by the sacred mountains of China, Mountain gate is a soothing blend of nature sounds, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chinese bamboo flute, Native American flute, tamboura and throat singing.

Solala Towler is editor/publisher of The Empty Vessel: A Journal of the Daoist Arts. He has written eight books on Daoism and qigong. He is past president of the National Qigong Association and leads tours to the sacred mountains of China to study Daoism and qigong. He is founder of the world/sacred music band Windhorse.

Mountain gate is designed specifically for taiji (tai chi), qigong, meditation, yoga or massage

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Solala Towler
Windhorse: Spirit of Tibet

The haunting sounds of the monks and nuns of Jorkang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet are joined with flute, overtone singing, throat singing, tabla and other instruments along with vocal chant by Solala and friends.

Solala Towler is founder of the sacred world music group Windhorse and has traveled to China and Tibet, leading tours to promote qigong and cultural understanding. He is president emeritus of the National Qigong Association and is editor of The Empty Vessel: A Journal of Daoist Philosphy and Practice. In addition, he is author of nine books on qigong and Daoist philosophy.

He teaches sound healing and harmonic overtone singing and has recorded 3 cdís. The first, Mountain Gate, has been used in eight videos and by many qigong healers, massage therapists, acupuncturists and counselors around the country. In addition, he has recorded two more cdís, Sacred Soundings and Windhorse: Spirit of Tibet.

Solala is a certified instructor of several styles of qigong as well as Daoist meditation.

Last year I was able to fulfill a long held dream to go to Tibet and record the wondrous sounds of the monks and nuns there. The music on this cd is the result of that trip. I have blended the sounds of Tibetan monks and nuns, both in the Jorkang Temple, the most sacred temple in Tibet, and in the streets of Old Lhasa, with my own Tibet inspired music. I found my short journey to Tibet to be full of magic and mystery and I hope you will enjoy listening to this music as I did making it!

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