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 Qigong Alliance International
Qigong Alliance International is a global Qigong (Chi Kung) community.

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Sponsor the Qigong Alliance International

You can help with the operation of this organization in a number of ways. One way you can help QAI is by becoming a Sponsor. Sponsoring QAI helps us maintain, develop & update this website & QAI's services to the world wide Qigong community.

Your organization, group, business, school, wellness center or yourself as an individual can become a sponsor of Qigong Alliance International. It's as easy as a phone call or an e-mail.

There are a couple of ways that QAI generates enough income to operate. One way is though the low cost, nominal general membership fee. Another way QAI generates income is through our advertising. To help us financially in another way is by becoming a sponsor. All you need is the desire to see this organization continue to be able to spread the awareness, and the intent of the benefits of Qigong to all who can reap the rewards of Qigong. Sponsoring can be set up as a monthly or yearly donation or as a one time donation.

For further information on becoming a QAI sponsor, contact the fine folks here at QAI office. Call us toll free at 1-800-341-8898

Qigong Alliance International
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Ely, Minnesota, USA 55731
Telephone toll free 1-800-341-8895