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About Qigong


 (say "chee gung") Energy exercises
that are simple to follow and easy to remember
This gentle exercise is also a highly effective way to reduce stress, increase energy, enhance healing, and increase longevity.



Calligraphy for Qigong
by Jiang-ye Jiang

Qigong, China's 3000 year old system of self-healing, combines the energy work of Oriental medicine with meditation and physical movement. The effectiveness of Qigong has been proven in China by its beneficial impact on the health of millions of people over thousands of years. Most people in China start to learn Qigong in their 50s. People from 6 to 90+ have used these enjoyable, gentle exercises to:

  • Slow or reverse the degeneration of aging
  • Prevent or to improve healing of illnesses and injuries
  • Boost athletic and intellectual performance
  • Deeply relax the body and mind
  • Improve sexual function
  • Reduce stress
  • Relieve depression

  • For most people, the first and foremost benefit of Qigong lies in helping to relieve or prevent chronic health problems. In China, Qigong is used to help relieve a range of maladies such as: diabetes, asthma, cancer, poor circulation, internal organ problems, arthritis, nerve pain, bad backs, joint problems, hypertension, autoimmune disorders and general physical disease.

    Qigong and Tai Chi, like acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, are based on the concept of "Chi" - internal energy - the life force. Both Tai Chi and Qigong build Chi. and this energy can be used to heal injuries and illnesses, improve your general health or develop certain abilities. Chinese medicine treats the whole person. Western medicine treats the disease.

    Qigong exercises are generally simpler and more specific than Tai Chi, with particular techniques for particular health problems. Tai Chi is a series of movements, a little more complicated to learn than those of Qigong, and the moves are either done in slow motion for health and meditation, or fast for self-defense. Doctors in China regularly prescribe Qigong and Tai Chi as therapy for high blood pressure, poor circulation, asthma, nervous diseases, impotence, arthritis and back, neck and joint problems. These exercises loosen the joints and make the spine stronger and more flexible. Tai Chi and Qigong are probably 2 of the finest; heart and lung exercises for older people especially those who are not capable of strenuous exercise. Tai Chi and Chi Gung both include meditation techniques and are extremely effective for calming and stilling the mind, releasing stress and retarding the aging process.

    How Tai Chi and Qigong Benefit Older People

    Everyone, whatever their interest or profession, wants to be healthy and have an old age Free of illness and infirmity. In China at least 60 or 70 million people over the age of 60 practice Tai Chi and Qigong specifically to keep themselves young in body and mind, and these techniques have worked for thousands of years. In parks all over China you will see people in their 60's. 70's and even 80's doing their morning exercises and displaying a flexibility you'd be unlikely to see in an American over 30 years old. Like anything worth having, Tai Chi and Qigong require a certain amount of effort and perseverance, however they offer older people a realistic way of regaining their youthful vigor and clarity of mind, while preventing senility.

    * T'ai Chi and Qigong reduces stress responses, lowering the incidence of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and general mood disturbance (Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 1989 Vol 33(2) 197-206).

    * T'ai Chi and Qigong minimizes the effects of chronic conditions such as allergies and asthma (American Journal of Chinese Medicine (1981 Spr Vol 9 (1) 15-22).

    * T'ai Chi and Qigong improves breathing capacity (Hawaii Medical Journal Vol 51 No 8 August 92).

    * T'ai Chi's and Qigong's regular practice can lower high blood pressure (American Journal of Chinese Medicine (1981 Spr Vol 9 (1) 15-22 & Hawaii Medical Journal Vol 51 No 8 August 92)

    * Boost the immune system (Prevention Magazine v. 42 May 90, p. 14-15+).

    * Slow the aging process (QiGong, The Art & Science of Chinese Energy Healing, Kenneth S. Cohen, Ballentine Books, NY, 1997).

    * Improves balance and coordination TWICE as effectively as other balance training (Prevention Magazine, v. 46 Dec. 94 p. 71-72+ & USA Today, May 1996).

    * Improves postural control, while stretching, toning and relaxing the body in a cumulative way that no other exercise can achieve (American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 1992 Apr Vol 46 (4) 295-300.

    * T'ai Chi and Qigong is probably the lowest weight bearing exercise, and modified forms can be suitable even for arthritis sufferers (American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, June 1991, 70 (3) p 136-141.

    * T'ai Chi and Qigong has been recommended as an adjunct therapy for chronic pain, AIDS, arthritis, insomnia, asthma, high blood pressure, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and any psychosomatic illness.

    * 70% OF ALL DOCTOR'S VISITS ARE DUE TO STRESS (Copyright, Stress Management & Relaxation Technology, 1997).

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